KYA-FM Becomes “Young Country 93.3” KYCY

Previous Format: Oldies “93 KYA” KYA-FM New Format: Country “Young Country 93.3” KYCY Date & Time Of Change: March 27, 1994 at 5:30am More Info: Wikipedia, Aircheck Contributed by Steve Worth

710 WHB flips from Oldies to Country/Farm

WHB, the only full-market locally owned AM in the Kansas City market, has had a large history of being a successful station. After 71 years as one of the Midwest’s best known AM stations, WHB was sold to the owners of KMZU/Carrolton, MO and flipped from Oldies to Country/Farm Talk. Jim Rice hosted the last hours of the old WHB, which included an ad for KCMO “Oldies 95”.

WCOL-FM Flips To Country

Previous Format: Oldies “Cool 92” New Format: Country “92.3 WCOL” Date & Time Of Change: February 14, 1992 at 6:00pm More Info: Wikipedia

WAXY-FM Returns To Oldies

Previous Format: AC “Mix 105.9” New Format: Oldies “WAXY 106” Date & Time Of Change: January 20, 1992 at 6:00am More Info: Wikipedia

102.1 WIOQ flips from Oldies to Rhythmic CHR “Q102”

On November 18, 1987, two Philadelphia radio stations changed formats to oldies within minutes of one another: “Hot Hits” 98.1 WCAU-FM became “Oldies 98” WOGL, while Rocker “Q102” WIOQ became “Solid Gold 102”. The battle between the two stations would last for 14 months until WIOQ was sold to EZ Communications. Under new PD Mark Driscoll, the station debuted a Rhythmic CHR format under the resurrected “Q102” moniker that has lasted to this day in various forms.

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