Mix 98.5

98.5 WROR Boston becomes WBMX Mix 98.5

Previous Format: AC 98.5 WROR New Format: Hot AC “Mix 98.5” WBMX Date & Time Of Change: February 9, 1991 at 12:00pm More Info: Wikipedia WROR was the FM station to WRKO until RKO General was forced to sell off all it’s radio properties. Before WROR they were first WRKO-FM – ARKO-Matic, the automated top forty station in the 60s. Later, it was Boston’s first Oldies station as WROR. In 1980, they went live AC, with some of Boston’s most melodic and historic jingles (JAM’s ‘I’d Rather Be In Boston’ series #1). In 1983 they experimented with CHR using a version of the WLS-FM jingles but later reverted back to AC, which they stayed until February 1991 when Roy Orbison’s “It’s Over” triggered the end of WROR and...