610 WSLC drops country WSLC-FM for Urban AC WVBE-FM

WSLC 610 stopped the country format it had for nearly 50 years…the last year and a half or so as a simulcast of country sister FM WSLC-FM 94.9 “94.9 Star Country”. It is now WVBE(AM), simulcasting sister FM WVBE-FM 100.1 in Lynchburg, VA, about 50 miles to the east. The clip, I believe, is useful for your collection because they did NOT just “flip the switch”…they gave a salute to WSLC/610’s long history in the format, and a “launch” into the new simulcast of the Lynchburg station. In addition, the jock on the air at the time noted the switch on both stations. Thanks to Mike Ward for the clip and the summary