103.3 KTBL becomes Adult Alternative “103-3 The Zone”

Citadel Communications has a lock on the country audience in Albuquerque until the summer of 2000, when Clear Channel debuted 107.9 KBQI. K-Bull and sister 92.3 KRST both lost significant market share to Big I 107.9. In late January 2001, K-Bull began removed its entire airstaff and began running promos after every song directing listeners to KRST. On Monday, Feburary 12, the station began stunting with all REM as KREM. This was followed by a days of U2, and Dave Matthews Band. During those three days sweepers by former KPEK morning team of Gene and Julie asked listeners what they would like to hear on “The New 103-3”. On Thursday, Feburary 15, Gene and Julie did a live morning show which ended with a supposed cease and desist from Clear Channel for breach of contract. Gene and...