Kick 106.1

Country “Kick 106” WKCK Becomes CHR “The Zone” WZNR

In less than a year on the air, the newest radio signal in the Hampton Roads has already been the home to three formats. The station, which came to life on 3/7/04 as Classic Hits “106.1 Bob-FM” WPYA arose from the rubble of a market shakeup the previous Fall when longtime Country outlet WCMS became Rock “Max 100.5” and in retaliation AAA 93.7 WKOC became Country “Kick-FM”. The new “106.1 Bob-FM” would become more successful than anticipated, while sister station 93.7 Kick-FM was less. In response the frequencies of both stations were swapped on September 23, 2004 resulting in “93.7 Bob-FM” on the more powerful frequency and “Kick 106.1″on the weaker. Still not satisfied with the results, Kick 106.1 was blown up on Febr...