105.9 KHOT flips from Rhythmic Oldies to Mexican “La Nueva 105.9”

Hot 105.9″ (first KBUQ, later KHOT) debuted on October 10, 1997 with a mix of mostly R&B Oldies plus some R&B and AC currents. Eventually, the currents were dropped and the station sounded similar to the “Jammin Oldies” format that was popping up all over the country. However, unlike most Jammin’ Oldies stations (which become popular quickly, only to have the novelty wear off soon thereafter), Hot 105.9 never caught fire in the ratings. On April 5, 1999, following a sale from New Century Arizona to Heftel, KHOT became “La Nueva 105.9”, offering a Regional Mexican format. Some will say that Hot 105.9’s limited signal was the culprit in its low ratings. However, La Nueva 105.9 has gotten better numbers, consistently, than Hot 105.9. Further...