660 WNBC Bids Farewell

In 1988 General Electric purchased RCA and with it NBC. Due to FCC ownership fules at the time, GE could only keep either the NBC Television stations or its Radio stations. Obviously the radio stations were the ones to go. Emmis Broadcasting, which owned 1050 WFAN and 103.5 WQHT saw this as a perfect opportunity to upgrade the signals of its New York outlets and triggered one of the most complex frequency swaps in radio history. WFAN moved from 1050 to 660, WUKQ debuted on 1050 with a non-commercial Spanish format, but only until Spanish Broadcasting could complete the swap for 97.9 WEVD, while 97.1 WYNY and 103.5 WQHT swapped as well. In the end, this deal was most important for the demise of WNBC and NBC Radio in general. What was once the flagship station of the biggest network in Ameri...