101.5 Free-FM

“Free-FM” KZON becomes Rhythmic CHR “101.5 Jamz”

With the Memorial Day weekend flip of WFNY New York back to Rock and the relaunch of KFRC in San Francisco, the new management of CBS Radio made it clear that the “Free-FM” network of talk stations would not be long for the world. While many of the stations simply drop the Free-FM branding, speculation built that others would drop the format altogether. At 5:00pm on June 21, 2007 the Tom Leykis show was “taken over” by intern Renaldo proclaiming the station as “Free Paris” playing Paris Hilton’s music with attempts to get her released from jail early. The stunt lasted until 5:00pm the next day when Renaldo’s major announcement was the launch of “101.5 Jamz”. The Rhythmic CHR format was positioned between Clear Channel’s 104....