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“Power 105.5” KLNA Signs-off Dance format


In recent years, most attempts at making Dance music-oriented formats work in the U.S. have failed, often due to a combination of signal deficiencies, bad programming, a lack of a budget, and poor ownership. KLNA Dunnigan/Sacramento, CA, when it was known as “Power 105.5” and had a Dance-intensive format, was no exception. Its transmitter, located to the northwest of Sacramento, automatically put the station at a disadvantage. The format constantly shifted between traditional Rhythmic CHR, Dance-intensive Rhythmic CHR, and nearly all Dance (including different “leans” within this approach, i.e., a freestyle emphasis at some points). It was never officially confirmed anywhere, but there were rumors that the owners had difficulties paying their bills, including salaries for the station’s employees.

All of these problems resulted in low ratings (and presumably, low revenue) for Power 105.5. It peaked at a 1.5 share 12+. That never came close to competing with the three other “CHRs” in Sacramento (although it should be noted that none of those stations were “dance-friendly”.)

As a result, the station was sold to Salem Communications. At midnight, on May 4, 2001, “Power 105.5” was replaced with a simulcast of Salem sister station KFIA “AM 710, the Light” – which offers a Christian Talk format.

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